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song title she he death profile
hands Polaroid magic opposites given image
The Lovers The Hermit The Wheel of Fortune The Moon The Sun
Artist's Choice
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Song Title: Clamp Campus Detectives | Joy to the World Traditional Carol
She: xxxHolic
He: xxxHolic
Death: X/1999
Profile: X/1999
Hands: X/1999
Polaroid: Clover | texture by offbeat_upbeat
Magic: Wish | texture by lil_brokenangel
Opposites: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles | texture by lifeisdolce
Provided Image: Angelic Layer | texture by ps_neke
Tarot set: RG Veda
The Lovers: Union -- Desire -- Choice
The Hermit: Solitude -- Introspection
The Wheel of Fortune: Turning point -- Fate -- Possibilities
The Moon: Deception -- Fear -- Doubt
The Sun: Optimisim -- Innocence
Artist's Choice set: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

If you'd like to use any of these icons, please credit mobiuswolf or wolf_tides
Comments are great, they let me know what people like.
Constructive criticism helps me improve.

Resources: here, if you'd like to know what texture was used on a particular icon, just ask
Oh, Hands is so dramatic!
I also love our AC set... Fai~