Title: Unresolved
Characters: Gunter, Conrart
Word Cont: 252
Rating: PG-ish
Any Warnings: Spoilers for the Dai Shimaron arc (through the beginning of Season 2)
Notes: Originally written for kkm_challenge's Round 44: Participant Prompts - "Gunter, Conrad: trust" and posted here on September 13, 2009. Voted third runner-up.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or recognizable elements of Kyou Kara Maou. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

It took nearly two days after the Maou's departure for Earth before Gunter was able to find Conrart alone in the library.

The younger man did not look up from his book as Gunter approached. He stopped beside Conrart's chair. “You owe your brother an apology.”

Conrart rolled his eyes but didn't look up from his book. “What does Wolfram say I've done now?”

Gunter glared down at him. “Your elder brother. The one who offered his life as an apology for your treason.”

“Hnnh.” Conrart turned the page, offering no further response.

Gunter pulled the book from his hands. “Is that all you have to say?”

Conrart glared at him, but didn't reach for the book. “What Gwendal choses to do is hardly my responsibility. And, unlike some people, I think my brother would tell me directly if he didn't like something I'd done.” He stood up, the motion bringing him well into the other man's personal space. “So what is it you really want to say to me?”

Gunter resisted the impulse to step back, but only barely. “His majesty may have been quick to forgive you, and your brother may be willing to overlook what you did, but I'm not convinced. You turned your sword against his majesty when you were sworn to protect him. Don't think I'll trust you not to do it again.” He turned away and stalked out of the library, Conrart's book still clutched in his hand.